Residents back DOJ chase investigation request - - Jackson, MS

Residents back DOJ chase investigation request

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A Jackson Councilman has reached out to the federal government about police pursuits into the city.

Wednesday, residents of Ward Three and others began formulating plans they hope will stop the high speed chases.

"We were all out in the carport and we heard these sirens," Geraldine Watts told the audience at Cornerstone M.B. Church.

The retired educator shared a frightening account of one of the police chases from an outside jurisdiction she said she witnessed when her children and grandchildren were visiting for a gathering.

"He was going almost on two wheels hitting that curve then a few seconds later there was another one going fast as he could go and I almost had a panic attack because the children could have been in the street," said Watts.

Her story and others were shared by a small group at a meeting held by Ward Three Councilman Kenneth Stokes.

The city representative wrote the Justice Department in February following the Clinton Police chase into Jackson that resulted in the death of Lonnie Blue just days before.

It included information about that fatal crash and other chases into the city and questioned whether the rights of the Jackson citizens were being violated.

"But I guarantee you Jackson Police can not go into Madison. They can not go into Clinton. They can not go into Richland. They can not go into Ridgeland. They can not go anywhere else and chase those people. Those police officers will stop them in their tracks," said Dorothy Davis with Farish Street Ministries of Shalom." 

She said the organization represents seven churches in the Farish Street area.

The federal response asked Stokes and his constituents to provide additional information about his allegations of civil rights violations. Those in attendance are now starting a petition campaign and reaching out to the Jackson City Council and area churches to back their efforts.

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