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CONSIDER THIS: Budget cuts affect everyone

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Recent budget cuts to the Mississippi Department of Mental Health are hurting people who most need help; help that they cannot provide for themselves. 

The state is taking more than $8 million from mental health and that means psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment facilities in the state will close or cut back on services. 

This is a public safety issue both for those in need of care and the people around them. We already have Police officers spending a lot of time with people who have mental health issues. Because there is nowhere to go often emergency rooms beds are filled and staff tied up with care. 

Consider This:

Our country fails miserably when it comes to helping people who are struggling with mental health challenges. We have seen some of the most tragic results of a broken system when these people commit unthinkable mass murders.

There are areas where Government services could and should operate more efficiently, but instead of cutting services in an area that is already underfunded, we should redirect money from the less important areas and provide more services for the mentally ill. 

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