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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods-Catalina Eyesores to be removed

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People who live around 145 and 153 Catalina Circle say they have been dealing with nuisance properties for more than 7 years now. Now, finally, there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Friday, May 13th, Jackson officials proudly announced more than 200 dilapidated houses have been demolished in 18 months.

"We kind of killed two birds with one stone," said Police Chief Lee Vance. "We have gotten rid of a lot of blighted properties and also we've lowered the number of properties where people have an opportunity to take advantage and commit crimes."

A great accomplishment, but these blighted properties, 145 and 153 Catalina Circle, were not among the 203 demolished by the city.

"To walk out your door and see, you know, such an eyesore, it's just very depressing," said Terri Byrd in April.

Something Terri Byrd says she's dealt with more than 7 years, with no help from Jackson city officials. 

Well, it's May 2016 now and as you can see weeds have once again taken over this property. We've been covering this for more than 2 years now, but there may finally be some good news about 145 and 153 Catalina Circle.

Jackson's Communication Director Shelia Hardwell Byrd called me last week to let me know,

"The city council last week approved the demolition of 145 Catalina Circle," said Byrd. "It was among several dilapidated structures in the city approved for demolition. Both residences, 153 Catalina Circle and 145 Catalina Circle, should be demolished within three to five months."

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