Stokes asks Feds to investigate chases - - Jackson, MS

Stokes asks Feds to investigate chases

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Jackson city councilman Kenneth Stokes continues to speak out against police pursuits in the capital city. Stokes said he wrote in a letter to the Department of Justice recently, saying high speed chases have posed a threat to the public safety of Jackson residents.

"We've been asking these outside jurisdictions to stop chasing in Jackson, endangering the citizens of this city," said Stokes. "It's a violation of their human and civil rights."

Just last Friday, Richland chased 48 year old Craig Shult through the streets of Jackson, at extremely high speeds.
Richland Police Chief Russel James said that he had assaulted a loss prevention officer at Walmart, then rammed a police car.

"I'm sorry chases go to Jackson but lets look at the honest thing here, why would they go to Jackson, because Jackson has a no pursuit policy," said Chief James. "Jackson won't pursue and nothing against Jackson, they're doing the best they can as well."

The Department Of Justice letter says they are carefully considering the request for an investigation, and will contact Councilman Stokes for any additional information.

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