City's unfinished repair leaves huge hole in business parking lo - - Jackson, MS

City's unfinished repair leaves huge hole in business parking lot


For the last six months, a Jackson business owner says she's put up with a water leak that floods her parking lot. When Lisa Blackwell, owner of the Hideaway Club, called the city to fix it, she said public works only made it worse.

"I don't feel like it matters to them whether it gets fixed or not," said Blackwell.

It's hard to drive down Oklahoma Street without dodging a few road hazards, especially the one outside Blackwell's business: a huge seven-foot wide hole that started as a water leak.

"When they came out here to fix it, they busted a gas line," added Blackwell.

Crews dug into the side of the street to locate the leak. Blackwell said public works told her they'd come back out in a few days and patch everything back, but that was back in March.

And the problem goes deeper than that. A 3 On Your Side investigation found a water leak existed since at least October of last year, according to service requests from the city's 311 system.

Over the course of that seven-month period, three calls were made to public works for water leak problems.

Now the longer the hole sits there, the more Blackwell says she loses money.

"Probably about a 40 percent drop in my business because people have nowhere to park," she said.

She called 3 On Your Side in hopes it would expedite the repair process. City spokesperson Shelia Byrd said she notified public works about the issue.

Blackwell hopes something will be done soon.

"God bless them if they do. God bless them if they do. It would really be deeply appreciated," said Blackwell.

In the meantime, she hopes a utility pole at one end of the crater doesn't fall because of water pooling around it.

"It's probably gonna hit somebody's car or fall on my building," Blackwell said. "The city's gonna be responsible for it."

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