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Freelon's deadly shooting victim identified; 2014 shooting victim comes forward

Jessie James Newson (Source: Instagram) Jessie James Newson (Source: Instagram)

Jackson Police are not filing charges against a Freelon's nightclub security guard who told police he shot and killed a man.

The victim in the deadly shooting has been identified as 27-year-old Jessie James Newson. 

Jackson Police say around 3 a.m. Saturday, Newson was armed with a handgun, walked towards the front of the establishment and brandished the handgun towards the front door. 

The security officer then fired several shots at Newson.

We talked to a man who was shot at Freelon's by a security guard back in 2014 and he says the incident sounds far too familiar.

"If I didn't have my identification on that I'm a Veteran, showing my law enforcement identification, I think I wouldn't have walked away. Because the security guards literally left me on the ground bleeding," said Terrance Thomas.

"Once again to hear this story of this young gentleman who went through seems like something just like I went through at the same location," Thomas said.

In November of 2014, Thomas says a Freelons security guard shot him four times.

He says he was trying to move his vehicle that was blocked by a security guard's vehicle, but was told he had to pay to have it moved.

"Literally trying to charge me $100 or more dollars to unblock my vehicle that was blocked by his vehicle to get out the parking lot," Thomas added.

Thomas says he and the guard got into an altercation and as he was walking away he was shot.

"First he claimed I had a weapon, then he said he didn't know. Then he said he thought I was going to my vehicle to get a weapon, but he started shooting," Thomas added.

 "One of the bullets was like a centimeter from one of my main arteries," said Thomas.

Thomas filed civil charges in his case. 

He says although he was lucky to walk away, the experience still haunts him.

"Physically, mentally. I don't know if I'm ever going to recuperate from it, I haven't got even as much as an apology," Thomas added.

Newson's case will be presented to the Hinds County Grand Jury for further investigation.

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