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Richland Wal-Mart back open after false bomb threat

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Richland Wal-Mart shoppers experienced some scary moments Sunday when the store was evacuated for a false bomb threat.

Richland PD Officer Dave Williams said, "They said they walked in, one had a briefcase, one gentleman had a backpack. Just a few minutes later they both walked out, were seen walking out of the store without any backpacks. One of the witnesses stated that they thought they heard somebody say something about a bomb and that's when they called 911 to let us know."

The store was evacuated, the parking lot cleared of vehicles and no one was allowed to go inside. Walmart officials and Richland Police also cleared out the Dollar Tree and nearby strip mall.

When the two men returned to the store, investigators checked the items that were left under a display table and found nothing suspicious.

We spoke to one shopper, who was inside the store when the evacuation began. 

Frances Bateman of Florence was inside the store with her daughter when she was told by employees to get out of the store quickly.

"We were there about 12:30 or so and they told us to turn around and get out of the store. Three or four workers were saying there was a bomb threat. I was with my seven-year-old daughter," Bateman said.

"Everybody was running out of there so fast. I told my daughter if momma said to get down, for her to just do it. It scared her so bad. Scared me too," Bateman added.

 Richland Police say witnesses took an active role by saying something when they saw something suspicious.

The store reopened less than two hours later.

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