CONSIDER THIS: Regional Airport Authority Opportunity - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Regional Airport Authority Opportunity

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The governor has added his signature to the legislation that will create a regional airport commission for the Jackson airport and as expected lawsuits have been filed to block that plan.

When the discussion began to create a regional airport commission I performed a basic internet search to see what airport models are in place across the country. Although I had no idea what to expect, I was a little surprised that there are so many communities where the airport is under the direction of a regional authority.

The commission doesn’t manage the day-to-day operations, that’s left to the CEO and the management team, but the board does provide guidance with a broader perspective for an asset that impacts the region. In our case, could this be the first of many opportunities to look at the metro as a whole, for area leaders to be less territorial and more collaborative?

Consider This:

The Jackson metro area has so much potential, but it will be difficult to take advantage of the many opportunities if each county and city continues to operate as a silo. Actually, with Jackson serving as the state capital and the impact of state agencies and facilities on the area it really needs to be a collaboration of the state, cities, and counties.

Rather than fight with each other, a better solution would be for the groups to sit down and work through the issues. Make it work. Be the example of what can be.

This could lead to a new way of thinking, a spark that could spread across the metro and transform this region. 

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