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Making A Difference: Rachel Perkins

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A dream is coming true for a young lady who wants to meet Cinderella. It’s a story about summer camp, Face Book, a wish that got heard by the right person, and T-shirt sales. And probably more, but we only have two minutes.

Starting at the beginning;  Abby Rogers Civitan Camp is for special needs children and adults in South Mississippi. Well, Niecey has been attending the camp for several years now, and a couple of her counselors have been Tate Phillips and Rachel Perkins of Hattiesburg. Niecey is looking forward to camp again this year.

"I go there just to have fun in summer and start swimming, talking to my boyfriend, Daniel," said Niece.

Squeals of laughter indicate a whole ‘nuther story about Daniel, but it’s off track. So we’ll let it go.

However, Niecey has been looking forward to something else even more than summer camp. Darlene Cochran, who has been Mom to Niece for several years, says Niece wants to meet royalty of sorts; Cinderella.

"She wanted to go to Disney World. So I’ve had a few fundraisers and it didn’t net very much," said Darlene. "But Rachel found out about our fundraisers and wanted to help."

I was just on Face Book one day and saw that Niece really wanted to go to Disney World. And so I thought I really wanted to Make A Difference in the world and thought this would be a good step," said Rachel.

Well, Rachel has a blog and a campaign she calls Dare to be Different and has designed a couple of T-shirts. Rachel decided she would take the proceeds from her T-shirt sales so far and give them to Niece to help start her Disney Dream coming true.

Judging by the reaction, I’d say Daniel takes a back seat to Cinderella, for a while, anyway. Rachel’s family is proud of her and Ray Perkins, who’s played in the Super Bowl and coached Alabama among other things, thinks a lot of her.

She’s just an unbelievable young lady," said Perkins. And I’m very proud to say the least, very proud to call her mine."

So that’s the thumbnail version of a story about a special young lady who made a wish, not upon a star, but on Face Book that was seen by a special camp friend, who pitched in to make that wish come true. And in so doing, challenges the rest of us to Make a Difference in other people’s lives, too.

What Rachel raised was a great start but won’t cover the whole Disney trip, so a Fund Raiser account has been set up for Niecey.

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