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CONSIDER THIS: Fix the potholes

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If you want an example of why people are so frustrated with government gridlock you don’t have to look far. Two years ago Jackson voters overwhelmingly approved a tax to tackle the decades of neglect to the city’s infrastructure and water system. Twenty-seven million has been collected, but less than $300,000 has been spent.

In a 3 On Your Side investigation we reported on the roadblocks that stand in the way. As you can imagine, in politics there is a lot of finger pointing.

The city and the One-Cent Sales Tax Commission blame each other for the delays.

Consider This:

No doubt the city is struggling. The population is declining, businesses are leaving, the infrastructure is crumbling and there is less tax money to pay for city services and repairs. Having this source of money is extremely important and the residents and business owners deserve to see improvements.

Senator John Horhn says it best; “It’s time out for that. We need to get this city fixed sooner rather than later. Everybody needs to check their egos at the door and figure out how we can all work together to get this thing done."

The city and the commission need to stop bickering and start working. Fix the water issues, fix the potholes and give the people of Jackson what they asked for more than two years ago. 

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