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Firestorm of controversy over Tunsil saga

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Draft night was overshadowed by the Laremy Tunsil drama and social media is still adding fuel to the fire.

There are so many layers to this story and as each one gets pulled back, more folks are asking 'what the heck happened'?

"Somebody hacked my account," said Tunsil during Thursday's post-draft press conference. "And you know I was just preparing for the worst man."

But could anything have prepared Laremy Tunsil for the firestorm of controversy? 

Fans and rivals alike are all weighing in on the drama.

Host of ESPN radio's Out of Bounds show, Bo Bounds, said he was flooded with calls this morning.

"Everything from anger at Laremy Tunsil for saying that he did get paid by an Ole Miss coach," noted Bounds. "To anger at whoever set the night up by posting the video and hacking his social media."

That's just it. It's transcended to a Tunsil problem. It's now an Ole Miss problem. 

Doug Colson of Mississippi Sports This Morning said draft night was high-jacked by the multi-layer controversy.

"It's probably going to go away for Laremy Tunsil," added Colson. "But what's not going to go away is what Ole Miss has to cleanup because they're in a situation now where they're probably doing damage control."

But get this -- it wasn't Tunsil's first problem of the week.

His stepdad sued him Tuesday for assault and defamation of character. Tunsil hired attorney Steve Farese to represent him in that case.

Now, Farese is responding to the Thursday's events.

"My initial reaction was, you know this is crazy," explained Farese.

"Destroying what should've been the happiest day of his life," Farese added. "These matters could've been investigated later. It didn't have to happen in real time on live TV. Why isn't the public outraged that somebody's committed a criminal act?"

Ole Miss released this statement in response to the situation:

"The University is aware of the reports from the NFL Draft regarding Laremy Tunsil and potential NCAA violations during his time at Ole Miss.  Like we do whenever an allegation is brought to our attention or a potential violation is self-discovered, we will aggressively investigate and fully cooperate with the NCAA and the SEC."

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