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CONSIDER THIS: We need three parties

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If the current political process has accomplished anything, it’s that we need to move from two parties to a three party system. With only two parties, Democrat and Republican, it is difficult to work together with such opposing views.

Most officials believe there is no room for compromise, apparently now a dirty word, because of fear their constituents or a political action committee will not approve. 

When negotiating it is okay if the end result is win-win. Unfortunately, in today’s toxic world of politics win-win is heresy.

The Gallup organization has conducted several polls to determine interest in creating a third party. It found the majority of Americans favor that structure.

Consider This:

It’s hard to imagine a world where the word dysfunctional isn't’t the perfect choice to describe politics. But it could happen.

Mississippi leaders like controversy, maybe we should lead the push for a three party system here and show the rest of the country we’re actually a progressive thinking state.

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