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CONSIDER THIS: Crime Prevention Task Force

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Hinds County has seen its unfair share of crime and the tragedy that follows it. To help fight that battle Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason announced the formation of a Hinds County Sheriff's Office Street Crimes Unit.

"The level of crime and senseless violence in too many Hinds County neighborhoods is shocking," said Mason. "As the county's top law enforcement official, I will act to protect the innocent and bring peace to neighborhoods under assault by criminals.'

Mason goes on to say the effort will target crime hot spots and gangs.

“We've got to deter young men from joining street gangs," added Mason. "Our community as a whole must offer kids better options than becoming foot soldiers for organized crime.'

Consider This:

Although there has been one arrest credited to the new effort, whether it will have an impact and reduce crime will be determined in months and years, not days.

There is a saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Credit Sheriff Mason with trying something new. Hopefully the early success will continue and crime will decrease in Hinds County.  

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