CONSIDER THIS: Session is over. What a waste. - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Session is over. What a waste.

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The state legislative session is over and although there was lots of activity, unfortunately, a lot of it was controversial. We successfully sent a message that it’s okay to discriminate by passing a law that was completely unnecessary since religious freedom is already protected.

We now have a law that allows us to have the cavalry in place when we’re learning about Calvary.

And yet nothing changed with our flag. All optimism that our state leaders would do the right thing; recall even Speaker Gunn voiced his support for a change last year, it was all political posturing.

Consider This:

I read an interesting perspective recently questioning whether Jesus would vote yes for those proposed laws and would he preach to his followers with our flag flying high above those crowds.

Makes you think. What would Jesus do? I believe we all know the answer. If only our leaders ran their decisions through that filter, maybe we would be recognized as a model for other states to emulate instead of the example of what they hope they never become.

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