Consider This: Police chases. A complicated situation. - - Jackson, MS

Consider This: Police chases. A complicated situation.

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Another car chase, another tragic death. Police departments pointing the finger at each other. Now what?

There are lots of questions... but the solutions vary depending on who is answering those questions.

Should police engage in high speed chases when the crime is a misdemeanor?

If not, doesn’t that send a message that actually encourages more crime?

When is a high speed chase justified? Is it only when the crime is a felony?

It’s understandable that Jackson leaders are upset when innocent people are injured and killed because of a police chase.

But communities across the metro are also justified in their frustration that criminals from Jackson are targeting their communities then fleeing back to the city to escape.

Consider This: Dealing with this issue is going to take teamwork among law enforcement agencies.

Name calling and shifting the blame only makes things worse. Police Chiefs and Sheriffs need to get together, show leadership and figure it out.

They are the experts and should be able to come up with a plan that targets the criminals and lessens the chance of innocent people being hurt.

That conversation needs to happen now.

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