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Vicksburg residents prepare for rising flood waters


Officials in Warren County were out patrolling the flood waters Sunday.

Many roads have closed and people continue to evacuate due to the rising water of the Mississippi River. 

Our crew met up with Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace off Pittman Road Sunday. It's one of more than 14 roads that have been closed due to the rising flood water from the Mississippi River. 

"We're patrolling areas within the city as well as those in the county that are affected by the flood and of course making sure the property is safe, making sure there's no one in here that shouldn't be," Sheriff Martin Pace explained.

Ida Johnson and her family have embraced countless floods over the past 50 years she's lived at a home off Pittman Road.

"2011 was pretty bad, I lost my home, then my dad passed away also so it was a tragic thing for me," Johnson explained. "Water mainly flooded our basement. It wasn't too bad, about a foot and a half.

Sunday, Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace and members of his department were out patrolling areas affected by the flood.

"We just are encouraging people to stay out of the area that don't belong here. We don't need any sightseers the people who live here, property owners certainly don't need sightseers while this tragedy is taking place," Sheriff Pace said.

Johnson and her family are prepared for the worst. 

"Trails and tribulations come to make us stronger so. Just be encouraged in the midst of and just prepare yourselves along with your families for these upcoming situations,"s aid Terrell Davis of Vicksburg.

Johnson says she's not planning to evacuate yet, but says that could change come later this week.  In the meantime, she feels comfortable seeing officers and deputies in her neighborhood.

"They talk to us, knock on doors, ask if we ok. It's good to have that, that added security," she explained.

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