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Nativity scene draws attention in Canton

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There are many Christmas displays around the metro area, but there's a nativity scene in Canton that's making heads turn.

It fills Lora Ward's front yard on Cobbville Drive in Canton.

Ward builds the entire scene by hand and says she usually gets started around October, but she buys the materials in August. She started this annual tradition seven years ago. 

"It's time consuming and it's hard work, but you can do anything you put your mind to," Ward explained.  "I've always wanted one and I'm like I don't have the time and the ones that I wanted were too small so God just gave me the inspiration to do bigger and better things."

Each year she buys the supplies, sketches out the scene, cuts out the boards, designs and paints it. 

"It started with just the stable then after that I begin to add the angels and the wise men, I'm like camel that's what they need. Each year I just added something to it," Ward said.

Ward says the scene not only entertains but it also encourages people, even her family. 

"It's gorgeous. My favorite piece is the drummer boy and of course the stable. But she's a very talented young lady so," Sharon Watson, Ward's sister explained.

"She does this every year and it just fills me up with hope and a lot of joy," said Jamiya Watts, Ward's niece.

On the other side of her yard you can find dancing snow men and a host of other inflatables.  Ward says she looks forward to doing this every year. If it puts a smile on someone's face, she's content.

"Everybody has their own specialty of it. One lady said oh I love the drummer boy. My sister said oh I like the baby Jesus. I like it all because I did it all," Ward explained.  "God is my inspiration. He inspires me to do so many things. And that's one of them. And I figure, hey Christ was born outdoors so I do my best work outdoors."

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