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How to program your Midland weather alert radio

Midland Weather Alert Radio Midland Weather Alert Radio

Below are instructions on how to program your Midland weather alert radio. If your weather radio prompts you to input a SAME code, the instructions below will not work.

You will need the following:

  • Midland Weather Alert Radio
  • 3 AA batteries
  • A/C power adapter 

Install the 3 AA batteries in the back of the weather radio. Wait for the radio to turn on. When the time 12:00AM appears your radio is ready to program. 

For your weather radio to work properly, you need to know the right weather channel (also known as radio frequency). This is true for any type of NOAA weather radio.

(NOTE: in the instructions below we refer to the "down arrow, right arrow, left arrow and up arrow buttons." These are the buttons in the middle. It can be easily confused with the volume up and volume down buttons. The volume up and down buttons are used only for volume control and nothing else.

How to program the time:

Push the menu button - the word "TIME" will appear.

Push the select button and 12:00AM will appear. The 12 will be flashing. 

Change the hour by using the up arrow button or down arrow button on the radio. 

The clock is a 12 hour clock so you must move the hour to PM or AM. Continue to use arrow buttons to reach the desired time. When you reach the correct hour, use the right arrow button on the radio to move to the minute. Repeat the process until you arrive at the correct time. When you are at the correct time hit the select key. The word "TIME" will appear on the screen. 

How to program your county:

Step 1: Use your down arrow button to change the word on the screen to "SET LOCATION." Push the select button.

If you want to program only one county, use your down arrow button until you see "SINGLE" then hit the select button and continue to step 2. 


If you want to program multiple counties, use your down button arrow until you see "MULTIPLE" then hit the select button and continue to step 2. 

Step 2: After you select "SINGLE" or "MULTIPLE" next you'll see either USA or "01 EMPTY" depending if you selected single or multiple in the previous step. If you see USA in the display screen you've selected "SINGLE" and if you see "01 EMPTY" you've selected "MULTIPLE." Either way, hit the select button.

Hit the select button when you see "01 EMPTY" in the "MULTIPLE" mode. Then you'll see "USA," hit select. Next you'll see "ALABAMA." Use the up or down arrow buttons to select your state. For example, arrow up until you see MISSISSIPPI. Once you see MISSISSIPPI in the display screen, hit the select button. 

If you select MISSISSIPPI, the next screen will show ADAMS for Adams County. The counties are listed in alphabetical order. Use the up or down arrow buttons until you see your county. For example, if you live in Madison County, use the arrow up button until you see MADISON in the display screen and then hit the select button. Then hit the MENU button to save. If you chose to program you weather alert radio for one county, continue to Step 4. If you chose to program it for MULTIPLE counties, continue to step 3.

Step 3: Once you hit the select button from the previous step, you'll see "02 EMPTY." Hit the select button again. Follow the same instructions from "SINGLE" program in Step 2 from this step forward. Once you successfully programmed the second county, on the last step when you hit the select button, the weather alert radio will automatically go to "03 EMPTY." Again, you'll follow the same instructions from the "SINGLE" program option. Once you're satisfied with the counties in the list, hit the menu button and it will save the counties.

You can program the weather alert radio up to 25 counties. We highly discourage programming weather radios for this many counties as it will alert you every single time there's a warning for any of the 25 counties. We encourage you to program the weather radio for no more than three counties, preferably two. 

Programming the correct weather (frequency) channel on your radio:

Please note some areas in central Mississippi can hear several different channels on their radio. Having the correct frequency programmed is crucial to having your weather radio work correctly. If you have any questions about what frequency is correct for your area. Here's a link to a list of counties and towns with the correct radio frequency. If you click on the Call Sign column, associated with your town or county, you'll see a map and the area each signal covers. Here's a map of which signal covers which geographic area. 

Step 4: Press the menu button. Use the down arrow button until you reach the word "SET CHANNEL".  Push the select button.

Using the arrow up and down buttons, find the correct weather radio channel.  If you live close to the county line you might need to program an additional channel. Call WLBT and someone can help you choose the right station! 601-948-3333.

Channel 1 - (162.400) 

Channel 2 - (162.425) 

Channel 3 - (162.450)  

Channel 4 - (162.475) 

Channel 5 - (162.500) 

Channel 6 - (162.525) 

Channel 7 - (162.550) 

When you have found your correct channel hit the select button. Then press the menu button. This will save the setting. Now your weather radio is programmed for your county or counties and on set to the correct channel! 


Now that your radio has been programmed you need to plug it in to the wall. The batteries are only in case you lose power. Remember to change your batteries twice a year.  

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