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EXCLUSIVE: Man accused of killing infant son appears in court

Source: WLBT archives Source: WLBT archives
Source: WLBT archives Source: WLBT archives

The man accused in the murder of his infant son appeared in court on Tuesday. 

Jerry Kees is charged with capital murder in the death of his baby, 9-month-old Corey Kees, back in January. A Hinds County judge granted bond to Kees.  His bond has been set at $250,000. He'll be on house arrest and not allowed contact with anyone under 16 unless a responsible adult is present. He also can't have contact with any witnesses. 

An autopsy revealed that the baby, Cory Kees, had sustained several injuries which included a skull fracture consistent with blunt force trauma.

The mother of the baby, Sarah Strickland, was also arrested and charged earlier this year.

Jeannette Kees, the mother of Jerry Kees, talked exclusively to 3 On Your Side and explains why she believes the case is flawed.

 "You're suppose to be innocent until they prove you guilty. My son is innocent but at the jail, he's beat, put in isolation," Kees explained.  "By law they have to give them pen and paper. They refuse to give my son pen and paper. My sons food had been cut off. If you don't have soap for three months you're not very clean. Laundry not done, wash his jumpsuit in the toilet."

Most of the baby's life was spent in child protective services. Kees says no one in that department was interviewed in the case.

"Starts with DHS  and their cover up. They dropped their case in July, they had custody of this child for five of his nine months and nobody has questioned the foster mother," she explained.  "There is so much corruption in Hinds County, the city of Jackson and the department of human services, trust me in the last three years I've been through it all."

Kees says she will not give up until she gets justice for her son.

 "He never got to bury his child. I did that. He's never had to grieve for his child. So the state, department of human services...I've contacted everybody, nobody wants to hear it because it's not their child," Kees said.

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