Animal torture can lead to harming humans, animal experts say

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A long-time animal rescuer said the Facebook posting of a burned cat this week raises more concerns for her, in addition to the torture of animals.

Rarely, do pet handlers at the Mississippi Animal Rescue League see an animal that has been tortured but when they do, it's very concerning.

"When you start having that level of cruelty and that level of violence toward an animal, it is only a very short step from an animal to a human," said Debra Boswell, Executive Director of MARL.

Boswell said family members and parents really need to pay attention to the actions of their loved ones, especially if they torture, in any way, any animal.

"When you've got a family member you see is unraveling at that level, call somebody," she said. "Call somebody for help. Today, it is that animal but tomorrow, it might be you or one of your children in the household."

There is no conclusion to the circumstances that led a Jackson woman to post a burned cat on her Facebook this week. Boswell said either way, it is concerning to her that anyone would use a picture, whether they took it or got it from the Internet, and post it online.

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