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Walt's Look Around: Edward Sciples Remembered

Edward Sciples.....Source: WLBT Edward Sciples.....Source: WLBT

He was just as much of a Mississippi landmark as the water-powered mill he operated. Edward Sciple of Sciples Mill has passed away.

Sciples Mill was one of the first places I visited when I was given my mandate to go explore the state and bring home stories of why we are the way we are. I struck up a friendship with Edward Sciple right away.

He had a dry sense of humor that often would run past you until you saw the corners of his mouth start to curl upward. Then you knew what he was just talking about was a joke. And it was usually a pretty good one

He inherited his water-powered gristmill from his father, who inherited it from his father, and so on for a few generations. And the first Sciple bought it from , I think Edward told me, a Dr. Hunnely. Doesn’t matter, that was in 1790. So even if I got his name wrong, not likely he’s watching. Mr. Sciple loved working the mill, though.

"Naw, I used to repair televisions. But daddy got to where then he wasn’t able to run the mill. And so I just quit and started running it," said Edward Sciple. "And I could make a hundred times more money repairing TVs than I could grinding corn. But I’d a hundred times rather grind the corn than I had to fix the TV."

One of the last stories I did at the mill was five or six years ago, and not at the mill itself but another of Edward’s passions, his Water Mill Opry; a Saturday night get together in a converted store across the road from the mill where Edward and some of his buddies played and sang and people from all over the state at some time or another, dropped by with a covered dish and danced. It was a family place to go.

We don’t allow alcohol outside nor inside either," said Edward. "No profanity in here. No smokin’. No nasty dancin’. Just get together and you can bring your kids, bring your grandmaw or whoever you want to bring."

I felt a real connection with a faded past every time I went to Sciples Mill. And Edward fit right into that mood. He will be missed. And at the end of the day, I really think the world would be a lot better place if more of us would do what we’d like a hundred times rather be doing than what we could make a hundred times more money doing.

True to form, Edward Sciple’s son Eddie is now running the family's mill.

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