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Mayflies invade Rankin County homes

Source: Laurie Sledge Source: Laurie Sledge
Source: Laurie Sledge Source: Laurie Sledge
Source: Laurie Sledge Source: Laurie Sledge
Source: Laurie Sledge Source: Laurie Sledge

Mayflies have invaded waterfront neighborhoods in Rankin County.

"I was not expecting hundreds of thousands of bugs this morning when I stepped out," said homeowner Laurie Sledge

"On a normal basis that house is yellow and right now it is solid black," added homeowner Joseph Robertson.

Wall-to-wall Mayflies covered garage doors, drainage gutters and windows in the Arbor Landing neighborhood that sits along the reservoir in Rankin County.

"This isn't the first time we've seen it," added Sledge. "They do come every year, usually once or twice a year when the temperature changes. We've lived in this neighborhood for almost five years and this is the worst it's been since we've lived here."

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks said Mayflies start their life in water. Once they hatch the purpose is for them is to reproduce. They then only live a couple of days before they die. Sledge said Mayflies are quite a nuisance.

"You just think, oh they are just a bug they will fly away, but they actually don't fly away," said Sledge. "They die very quickly. They have a very short life span. So they all die. Some of them fall to the ground, the ones that don't stick to the house. So for homeowners you have to have someone come out and clean the house."

"I have a lot of labor coming up to get rid of these things," said Robertson. "I guess you can have a lot of good fishing bait if you're a fisherman."

The best way to get rid of them, homeowners said, is to pressure wash them off their home.

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