Report: Mississippi second worst state for underprivileged child - - Jackson, MS

Report: Mississippi second worst state for underprivileged children

Source: WalletHub Source: WalletHub

A new study, released by WalletHub, finds Mississippi the second worst state in the country for underprivileged children.

The study, released on Monday, says that the Magnolia State comes in dead last for children in households with below-poverty income.

Here are the other statistics relating to the state, according to the study:

31st – % of Maltreated Children

50th – Child Food-Insecurity Rate

35th – % of Children without Health Insurance

51st – Infant-Death Rate per 1,000 Births

21st – % of Children in Foster Care

50th – % of Children in Single-Parent Families

41st – Ratio of Children Living in Renter-Occupied Homes to Children Living in Owner-Occupied Homes

Washington D.C. takes the 51st spot on the list making it the worst state for underprivileged children. Click here for the full report. 

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