Some residents in the dark more than 24 hours - - Jackson, MS

Some residents in the dark more than 24 hours


There were no injuries or homes damaged in Hinds County, but it was still a long weekend for some residents and Entergy crews.

With Saturday's stormy conditions, many near Edwards were without power for more than 24 hours.

"I'd say it came through pretty quickly, got pretty gusty, and pretty heavy rain afterwards," said Edwards resident Daniel Hill.

It may not have felt like much to some in the metro, but Saturday afternoon's brief flare-up of severe weather was enough to leave hundreds in the dark, even into Sunday.

"Just wondering how long it'll take here since this tree took down a whole light pole," Hill added.

Hill said power outages aren't uncommon in the area.

It is, after all, pretty rural.

And as such, they're prepared.

He said they've been using generators to keep the essentials powered until Entergy crews can work their magic.

"Even with the generator and fans going, once the afternoon hits, it gets real warm. It gets pretty uncomfortable," Hill added.

At one time, 1,000's had lost power in Hinds County, more of those in Copiah county.

Power crews, armed with chainsaws and bucket trucks, worked around the clock to fix it.

"You got so many out here, you know, at that time, with the power down. I feel they did the best they could," said resident Cornelius Moriley.

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