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WALT'S LOOK AROUND: Wesson Service Station

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‘The more things change the more they stay the same,’ says classic literature. The town of Wesson has certainly changed over the years, yet one of the town’s landmarks has stayed the same for decades due in great part to one person.

Kenneth Furr  is the proprietor of one of the hold-outs against change in Wesson. Not as a protest against modernization, but just doing things the way he always has. This is his service station on old Highway 51. And it is a SERVICE station.

"I wash, grease, change oil, all that," said Kenneth.

And when Mr. Furr says HE does it, he means himself. He is his only help. And at 83 years old, he can still pretty much do it all. He’s been here since his father took over this service station 69 years ago.

"We started off selling gas at 14 cents," said Kenneth. "The first day he was in here he sold three dollars and fifty cents worth. He told my mama that uh, that listen, said if we do this tomorrow we’re going to have to get out. But it got a little bit better, see?"

And it got good enough to carry them through even the lean years of the Second World War.

"And THAT was rough," added Kenneth.

And into marriage and a family. Kenneth’s daughter, Amy, a teacher at Murrah High School in Jackson now, got her first job here at her dad’s service station.

About 5 or 6 years old," said Amy. "I had a, I had a uh, kept a rag in my pocket. I could change oil, I could change flats."

Roy Smith takes comfort in the stability Kenneth Furr has brought to Wesson.

Oh he’s been here forever," said Smith. "And usually has a bunch of us nuts up coming here sitting around.

Their conversations range from philosophical and ethical, as with Edward Graham.

Kenneth is the most honest and moral man who has ever lived in Wesson,"s said Graham. "Even more than me."

To the more practical and inquisitive issues of life, as Albert Peets poses.

"I’d love to know how many cars he has washed," said Peets.

"He’s averaged at least one a day, hadn’t you Kenneth?" asked Graham.

But Kenneth Furr hasn’t ever taken the time to stop and add it up. It’s all in a days work to him; one day that has blended onto another for the last 69 years of providing full service at his SERVICE station in Wesson.

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