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Furloughs coming for Jackson city employees

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Employees for the city of Jackson will be furloughed starting later this year, according to Jackson's communications director Shelia Byrd. She confirmed Friday that city workers had already been made aware of this.

Documents obtained by WLBT show a $15 million budget deficit as the reason behind the furloughs.

"We understand that there have been several factors contributing to our current budget situation. It did not happen overnight," said Byrd in a statement. "It is the result of declining revenue; budget practices that did not ensure viability, such as using the city’s cash reserve to balance the budget, and adhering to fee policies that do not reflect the economics of the day.”

On Friday, October 16, city offices and operations will close and be completely shut down for the day.

"The exceptions are part-time employees and key Police Department and Fire Department staff," Byrd added. The once-a-month furlough will not impact fire and police services. Public safety was a priority in this planning. At the request of the City Council, council employees were not included in the furlough.

However, sources within the Jackson Police Department say command staff, from the police chief all the way down to lieutenants, will be furloughed as well on those days.

These are not layoffs. The furloughs will help preserve jobs," said Byrd. "The furloughs are expected to last through two budget years. This cycle will repeat every four weeks. 

The documents indicate all full-time, non-seasonal, non-emergency personnel will observe the furlough on the same day; every fourth Friday.

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