MEMA: Be prepared for dangerous heat this weekend - - Jackson, MS

MEMA: Be prepared for dangerous heat this weekend


A lot of the state may see the hottest temps of the year this weekend. The National Weather Service is forecasting actual high temperatures up to 105 degrees and heat indices up to 115 through Monday.

“It has already been a brutally hot summer, and this weekend could be extremely dangerous,” said MEMA Director Robert Latham. “We want to remind everyone to check on your family, friends and neighbors, especially senior citizens in your community. Please limit time spent outside and drink plenty of water to avoid overheating and dehydration.”

Residents without access to air conditioning should check with their local emergency manger, city or county officials to see if cooling centers are available in their area.

Some Important reminders:

  • Never leave children or pets alone in closed vehicles.
  • Consider spending the warmest part of the day in public buildings such as libraries, movie theaters, shopping malls and other community facilities.
  • Limit intake of alcoholic beverages.
  • Dress in loose-fitting, lightweight and light-colored clothes that cover as much skin as possible.
  • Check on family, friends and neighbors who do not have air conditioning and who spend much of their time alone.

?Signs of Heat Exhaustion:

  • Heavy sweating but skin may be cool, pale or flushed.
  • Weak pulse, fainting or dizziness, nausea, vomiting, exhaustion and headaches are possible.

What to Do If Someone Has Symptoms:

  • Move them to a cool area, have them drink cool water and use a cool wet towel on neck and under arms.

Signs of Heat Stroke:

  • High body temperature (105+) and hot, red, dry skin.
  • Rapid, weak pulse and rapid shallow breathing.
  • Person will probably stop sweating.
  • Call 911 or seek medical assistance for these symptoms.

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