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Ten people escape early morning house fire in Jackson


"We barely got school clothes but we did, so everything's just gone. So please, just help me and my family," says Sade Snell.  

When we talked to Snell at 6 a.m. Friday morning, she was still trying to process what had just happened at the home on Oakland Avenue where she lives. She and nine others escaped an early morning fire, navigating through thick black smoke. Some of those who escaped were children. Everything in the house is destroyed. 

Family members rescued each other. 

"I had woke everybody up, told them to get out of the house. It's on fire," Snell says. 

"My little brother was still inside. We had to beat on the windows. Fire was still going. We ran in there and got him," her sister says.  

Patrick Sanders lives next door. His girlfriend called 911. The pair evacuated with Sanders' two daughters. 

"I head them running out the house. By the time we got to the corner it was so dark from the black smoke, but you could tell everyone was out because they was coughing and everything," he says. "I thank God for no one getting hurt. I hate that they lost what they lost. But God is gonna make sure everything's alright because he's good all the time." 

Jackson Fire Officials have not yet determined a cause.

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