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WALT'S LOOK AROUND: Bob Cross' 100th birthday


It isn’t that uncommon for someone to live to be a hundred years old nowadays. But an uncommon 100-year old is uncommon.

I’d think if we should live to be a hundred that we would want those to be quality years. And when you meet someone who seems to have accomplished that, you want to know how they did it.

Bob Cross lives in the Dentville community out from Hazlehurst. He’s complaining about his garden this year. Aren’t we all. It’s just not up to par. Probably the heat.

"I’ve been watering this okra about the last three days, trying to keep it from dying," said Mr. Cross. "But it looks like it’s going to die anyway."

But the hard work it takes to keep his garden alive is one of the things Mr. Cross attributes his longevity to. But that’s not the only thing.

"Well one thing is doing a lot of work," added  Mr. Cross. "I live out in this garden just about it. And going dancing a couple of nights a week.

That’s it. Dancing does the trick for this hundred-year-old. And the whole community practically came out for his hundredth birthday dance last Saturday night. Dancing isn’t something he’s done all of his life. He sort of picked it up after his wife passed away for something to do.

Once I got started I got to where I loved it," said Mr. Cross. "And it’s probably been my salvation because it’s given me more exercise than most people get.

His friends are amazed by him.

"Mr. Bob has got an energy and enthusiasm to be a hundred that I hope and pray to get to my self," said one friend. "The other day he was showing me he had his new drivers license and he had renewed them for eight years. That means he’ll be a hundred and eight. And I said Mr. Bob are you going to make a hundred and eight and he said why not?"

A hundred years old and dancing at least two nights a week. And the women won’t let him sit out a dance. Man! That’s not only staying’ alive. That’s livin!

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