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Change in place for Rankin County School District

Sue Townsend.....Source: WLBT Sue Townsend.....Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Change is in store for the Rankin County School District. After more than a decade, a new superintendent will take the reins.

"We were extremely excited because we've been praying for this outcome for months now," said Kimberly Grissom

Longtime educator and principal Dr. Sue Townsend is now the Rankin County Superintendent of Education Elect. Rankin County parent Kimberly Moore said after 16 years, it is time for someone else to run the district.

"My son was at Stonebridge when she was there as the principal and she ran a tight ship, said Moore. "It was fun, loving and caring. I dropped him off every morning and I never worried about my son."

Dr. Townsend spent 8 years as a teacher, 18 years as a principal and six years on the collegiate level. She said with short and long term goals, she will now begin implementing a transition plan and team to put in place.

"We are going to have to start working on getting our children out of the portables," said Dr. Townsend. "It's a main issue across our district and we want to do something immediate to get our children in the safest environments that we can."

Townsend topped out with 51.09% of the votes with a total of 11,304.

"Many people go through their life not knowing their purpose on Earth," added Dr. Townsend. "I know my purpose on Earth, my purpose driven life and that is to serve through taking care of his children. And I stand before you today humbled."

"Knowing that she is going to be over the entire school district makes me beyond thrilled," said Moore.

Townsend will begin her new position in January.

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