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Supervisor races sparks high interest in Madison County


Folks packed the Madison County courthouse waiting for results to come in for several key races in Madison County. 

A high interest race was the race for Madison County Supervisors, District 1, 2 and 3.  Ballots started filing into the Madison county courthouse around 8 pm Tuesday.

In the District 1 republican primary for supervisor, Shelia Jones led the votes with 62 percent. 

In District 2, Trey Baxter had roughly 56 percent of the votes over his opponent John Howland and in District 3 it was a very close race and as of Tuesday night no one had a 51 percent majority which means there could be a runoff. 

We caught up with other primary winners, including Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker.

"We're going to continue to educate our officers on interacting with the public. I think that's a big issue right now across the country. It's incumbent upon us to conduct our job just professionally as we can," said Sheriff Tucker.

For District 3 race, there were still many absentee ballots unaccounted for. It could take up to 10 days for ballots to be certified. 

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