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Courthouse shooting victim's family wants answers

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Kendrick Brown.....Source: Family Kendrick Brown.....Source: Family

The family of the victim in the Madison County courthouse shooting is speaking out about his death.

Kendrick Brown, 37, was leaving the courthouse after turning down a plea deal Monday morning. His brother witnessed the murder. 

"He was talking to his lawyer and the guy just walked up out of nowhere and just shot him, he shot him in the chest and when he fell he stumped him in the face," his brother explained. "There was no argument, he just walked up to him and shot him. Just point blank, no argument, no nothing."

Brown was in court to face drug charges. His family says although he has made mistakes that doesn't justify killing him. 

"His life is gone, he has a small baby, he has a 16 year daughter. His baby will probably never know his father , I want justice to prevail," said Hattie Brown, Brown's mother. "He didn't bother nobody, he was there and there wasn't a lot he could do because he was paralyzed, he couldn't use his right side at all."

In August of 2010, Brown was the victim in a shooting that left him paralyzed on his right side. 

 "Nobody was indicted I cannot understand that. It was something that was swept under the rug just because of who he was which was very unfair," Brown said.

As they prepare funeral arrangements for their loved one, they continue to support each other and try to think of happier memories. 

"He loves his family, and his family loved him," his mother said holding back tears. 

Brown's death is still under investigation. Wells will appear in court for a bond hearing Tuesday. 

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