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Retaliation likely motive In Madison County courthouse murder

Kendrick Brown.....Source: Family Kendrick Brown.....Source: Family
William Wells.....Source: Madison County Sheriff's Dept. William Wells.....Source: Madison County Sheriff's Dept.
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Monday night the Associated Press reported Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest has confirmed authorities are investigating whether 24 year old William Wells shot Kendrick Brown as retaliation.

Guest says Sherry Wells, William Wells' mother, was an informant who was expected to testify against Kendrick Brown on drug charges that could have sent Brown to prison for a sentence of up to life without possibility of parole under Mississippi's three-strikes habitual offender law.

Within seconds of the shooting Madison County Deputies had Wells in custody.

"He fired the shot at the individual and was immediately approached by deputies here at the courthouse and laid the firearm down and peacefully was taken into custody," said Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker.

Wells parked his truck in front of the courthouse in Canton just before 9 Monday morning. He got out walked up to Kendrick Brown and shot him in the chest. Madison County D-A Michael Guest says Brown was at the courthouse with his attorney for a status conference on multiple drug indictments.

"The victim in this case, who was also a defendant in that drug case, is a habitual offender," said District Attorney Michael Guest. "He has prior felony convictions and was looking at a substantial amount of time if he would have been convicted at trial on these charges."

One motive investigators are looking at is revenge. Canton Police Chief Otha Brown says Well's mother was shot in the leg over the weekend. She told police she did not see who shot her, but many are speculating Wells believed Brown was responsible and came to the courthouse to retaliate.

"You know I can't speculate on why. I mean, you know that's a possibility," said Sheriff Tucker. "We'll have to wait and interview the suspect and get his statement and see what was on his mind."

Wells' bond hearing in Madison County Justice Court is set for 1 p.m. Tuesday.

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