Parents of Prancing J-Settes file court ordered sanction against - - Jackson, MS

Parents of Prancing J-Settes file court ordered sanction against JSU

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We've seen them at every Jackson State athletic event and they are known for pumping up the crowds and entertaining Tiger fans;however, seven members of the Prancing J-Settes team have been banned from participating in any tryouts or auditions. 

We reached out to the university to see why members of the dancing team were suspended from auditions and university officials had no comment and said it was a personnel matter. 

Parents of the students released this statement: 

"All efforts by the affected students and we, as parents, to meet with Jackson State University officials to address this matter have been denied. Our daughters have a right, as students, and we, as parents desire to be informed, as to "What policy does the University claim these students violated."
The Student Affairs Disciplinary Committee found no evidence to support the allegations cited in the notice received by our daughters as to "Why" the Office of Student Affairs, initiated this action."

Tryouts for the dancing team are scheduled for August 3rd through 4th. 

An attorney for the women filed a request for a preliminary injunction, which will be heard on August 10th. 

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