Residents work to keep the city clean - - Jackson, MS

Residents work to keep the city clean

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Trash is costing the state more than one million dollars. We'll tell you what's being done and how you can help curb the problem.

"Coming up Robinson at the corner on the side of the road, I never see anyone clean it up," said Roosevelt McGee. "They throw trash out at night and stuff like that."

Seeing the eyesore for more than 24 years, McGee said he has no choice but to deal with the problem himself.

"Every other day almost, added McGee. "Just have to do it myself sometimes, mostly."

"We have some incredible people in our city," said Marsha Hobson. "All over the city there are people who come and pick up trash in their neighborhood, on their street, at their bus stops. I call these people our hometown heroes."

Hobson, who is Executive Director of Keeping Jackson Beautiful, said litter is unnecessary and it's ruining our surroundings.

"It's so easy to prevent, added Hobson. "It really is. It's something everyone can do. Just take your litter and make sure it gets in a trash can."

Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall said litter along highways and interstates costs the state at least one million dollars every year.

"It is inexcusable," said Hall. There is no reason anyone should throw anything out of a vehicle. And the worst are the males between the ages 18 and 40 years of age for every study we run. And a lot of it comes out of the back of pick up trucks."

"Keep it clean around here as much as we know how," said McGee.

Hall said with the help of sheriff's offices across the state they have a program set up where inmates come out and pick up trash on highways and interstates. Hall said this saves the state anywhere between two and three million dollars every year.

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