Finding the source of the leak - - Jackson, MS

Finding the source of the leak

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It seems that not a day passes in the Capital City without a water line break, either in cold weather or this summer's searing temperatures.
These heightened problems have plagued the city for more than a decade.

 Just in time for the Wednesday morning commute, Skycopter hovered over the latest water main break. Water poured from fractured pavement shutting down Woodale Drive and Old Canton Road.

By afternoon crews had opened the roadway to locate the problem. But a bigger problem is still unseen; a break in a 42 inch water line that public works officials said could be near a 2012 break.

We're told the problem lies along I-220 between the O.B Curtis Water Treatment Plant and Highway 18, more than 15 miles.

"We know that there's a break somewhere because we're looking at water pressure and we're looking at water capacity at some of our storage tanks," said Mayor Tony Yarber. "The problem with being able to identify it right now is that there's no visible sign." 

According to the mayor, public works crews are on foot and four wheelers tracking the source of the break that has prompted extended boil water notices from Jackson to Byram. Customers are currently getting their water from the city's well system.
Jackson officials await the use of $13 million dollars from the Infrastructure Master Plan to address problems, and the mayor said that will happen when a program manager for the plan is named. No time line has been set for that appointment.

Meanwhile the mayor said another method is being used to help locate the elusive leak. 

"We're trying to deploy some technology that will help us make that determination," said the mayor. "There is some leak detection technology that's out there, and so our public works team is evaluating those strategies to deploy now." 
As this long hot summer wears on, more infrastructure weaknesses are possible and while crews tackle cracks in the system, the mayor asks for citizen input and patience.

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