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Suspicious campaign flyers under the microscope

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The primary election is next Tuesday, and mailboxes and neighborhoods are being inundated with illegal campaign flyers targeting candidates.
And the suspicious flyers don't reveal funding sources and are breaking state election laws.

One after one the Secretary of State revealed the illegal flyers. Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler was targeted for endorsing  candidates for Madison county supervisor.  

"Mayor Mary the puppeter," said Delbert Hosemann as he showed reporters the flyer. "It goes on to say does Flora and  Gluckstadt Canton and Ridgeland want a puppeteer running the county. We don't think so."

A flyer showing the state flag targets Speaker of the House Phillip Gunn.

 "Does your lawmaker stand with Phillip Gunn or our state flag? "There is no identity on this," added Hosemann. "Who did this mailout? Under Mississippi law you are required to identify who you are." 

Another flyer allegedly paid for by the National Association for Gun Rights is  intended to scare voters away from a particular candidate according to the state officials.

It read in part,  "You are under arrest all of your guns are illegal." Hoseman replied, "Really?"

The Secretary of State said Wednesday, while the Supreme Court makes clear the right to have free speech in Mississippi, you don't have the right to ambush.

 "Those have risen to the level that we believe, these are gutless political ads that are not properly identified under state law," " said Hosemann.

Hosemann  warns these type of campaign tactics are designed to influence elections. 
"Take the time to look at these with a realistic approach," said Hosemann. "Don't allow them to influence your ballot or worst yet, not show up to cast your ballot on Tuesday."

The Secretary of State says all of the suspicious material will be sent to the Attorney General for investigation.

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