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City of Jackson municipal court goes digital

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In the recent trend of being able to go paperless and digital, the City of Jackson court system has joined the band wagon.

Starting on August 3, the City of Jackson Municipal Court will launch a new digitized court case management system.

The new software system, Incode, designed by Dallas-based Tyler Technologies, offers a wide range of applications specifically designed for municipal courts to address financial, case, and court management.

The system will be put into action in two phases. The first phase, beginning on August 3, eliminate many manual processes, such as citation data entry for cases.

Citations now can be imported from handheld ticket devices and cases will automatically transfer from the jail module for individuals who are arrested.

Beginning at a later date, the second phase will improve service to citizens by allowing them to pay fines online, send electronic depositions and interface with the Filenet Imaging System, Cayenta Financial System and the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Court Administrator Jeanette Banks hopes for a smooth transition but is asking for patience during the beginning stages of the new system.

“The Incode system gives the court the ability to go paperless, as well as automate processes which were historically done manually,” said Court Administrator Jeanette Banks. “We’re hopeful for a smooth transition to the new system, but we’re asking for public patience during the initial implementation.”

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