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Pearl police warn about children's book salesmen

Children's book salesman prompts posts from police on social media

Source: Facebook Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook Source: Facebook

The City of Pearl and Brandon has some concerns about a man selling children's books.

Police say a man known as Sanders Sildver applied for a permit for door to door sales last week. The permit was never issued, pending a background check along with other recently reported problems in the county and other municipalities.

Pearl Police posted a note on their Facebook page to clarify the situation:

"In reference to the earlier post concerning Mr. Sildver, please note that Pearl Police has spoken to Mr. Sildver and made him aware of the permitting process with the City of Pearl. He is not wanted for questioning. This was a public service post to make sure he is not soliciting door to door in our city without a permit after reports that he had been in the city with door to door sales over the last few days."

Our reporter, Annette Peagler tracked down Sildver, who says he's not dangerous, he made a mistake. Sildver has been working for Southwestern Advantage selling educational books for the past three summers. Monday evening, after business hours, he showed up for an appointment in the Sunchase neighborhood and learned he had the wrong house.

"It was my mistake, the house I was actually going for an appointment and I was knocking at the wrong door apparently," Sildver explained.

The homeowner of that house called police. Pearl Police issued him a ticket because it was after hours and he allegedly didn't have a valid permit. Tuesday, Pearl and Brandon Police issued Facebook alerts because the departments were getting calls of complaint.

"At first I was really surprised, I was like this guy is like wanted I was really afraid of my security but later on they put out this other comment said that they have been Informing me that I'm not allowed to sell anymore in Pearl and I didn't," Sildver explained.

Sildver doesn't want the public to think he's a bad guy. He's just trying to pay for his college education.

"They can actually go to our website and they can verify the dealer on there," he said. "I think that this little incident, it doesn't change my experience or my view of the states, so far it has been really a pleasant experience."

Police ask that if you see Sildver engaging in any type of door to door sales of children's books, please notify Pearl Police Department at 601-939-7000. 

In addition, the Brandon Police Department says Sildver no longer possesses a Transient Vendor permit to conduct business in Brandon. If he comes to your residence or place of business in Brandon and attempts to sell you anything, they ask that you call them.

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