Air conditioners blow out as heat turns up

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - There were no pre-schoolers in the activity center at Time to Learn Pre-School. The air conditioning had just been restored. "They love to go outside, but we can't control the weather," said assistant, Sabrina George.

Regulation mandates keeping young children inside during extreme heat at pre-schools. "We explain to them, you will get dehydrated, and you do need water."

The air conditioning system at Time to Teach was a 15 minute job to repair, and the temperature reading inside was great.

John Henry Berry with Climate Masters in Pearl said the company is taking 80 to 90 calls a day for air conditioning outages. "We just work late. We just work until we can't work anymore," he said.

Most of the calls they get are from people who are not consistent in tending to their units. "Things people can do to help prevent that is dirty coils.  Dirty coils don't show up until this extreme weather," Berry said. "You should change your filters once a month, and you should have it serviced at least in the springtime, which is before this heat gets here."

Many times, Berry said he gets calls from people with working air conditioners. However, the units are not cooling to the homeowner's satisfaction. "Always remember this.  20 degrees below the outdoor temperature are what most air conditioners are designed for," he said. "So if you are at 100 degrees, you subtract 20 from 100, and you get 80.  If you are below 80, you are more than good."

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