Dozens gather at governor's mansion for state flag vigil - - Jackson, MS

Dozens gather at governor's mansion for state flag vigil

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Many people in Mississippi are still voicing their opposition to the state's flag. Wednesday, local pastors and other members of the community held a prayer vigil outside Governor Phil Bryant's mansion. 

People at the vigil said the state's flag is offensive and reminds them of the state's painful past. They want Governor Bryant to remove it and replace it with another design.  

The flag design has been an ongoing debate in Mississippi.  Some say it doesn't unify the state. 

The last time the flag's design went before a vote was 14 years ago.  Two thirds of people decided to keep it as is.

"Our state is scarred by so much blood shed and oppression in this country," said Dr. Issac Jackson, Jr.,President of the General Missionary Baptist State Convention. "Just a few months ago they found a black man hanging in a tree. Whether it was suicide or not, the first thing they thought somebody hung him. So it is time now that we get rid of that ugly scar." 

"I would really hope that our governor would really step up," said Reverend Reginald Buckley of Cade Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. "We have examples all over the nation right now where Governors and senators are just stepping up and doing what's right." 

"I don't have any feelings whatsoever that are attached to that flag outside that seeing the things that happened to my family," said Tyson Jackson. "Seeing the things that happened to people in my community that are negative, so every time I see that flag I see it as a negative image."  

The next time the flag debate could be discussed at the capitol will be in January when lawmakers are back in session.

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