Fired Hinds deputy rescued injured superior

Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Two fired Hinds County deputies were told an off-camera interview with WLBT was among the reasons listed for their firing. They talked with us about the detention center uprising on June 12.

"This was definitely more than a little disturbance," the unidentified deputy said. "And the officers had more than cuts and bruises."

One of them also said Sheriff Lewis accused him of being a coward for leaving Pod A during the disturbance. However, a second deputy, also fired, tells us, the deputy being written up as a coward, actually rescued one of his injured superiors by getting him out of Pod A.

"Got them out, and Lt. Thurman was covered with blood, just running all down his head," the second deputy said.

Sheriff Lewis confirms Hinds County Deputies are being assigned to work at the detention center. Counting the cars, there are at least four deputies on duty at the correctional facility Monday afternoon.

"We have deputies, based on the DOJ (Department of Justice) report that made recommendations that we use all of our personnel to work in the jail," Sheriff Lewis told us Friday.

We can't find any deputies who will talk to us because they're afraid they'll be fired. However, they're not trained to work at this facility, if training is in fact required. Our sources say deputies assigned to the detention center are not replaced in the field, which means there is less protection for Hinds County residents.

We were not able to reach Sheriff Lewis for comment on the shortage of deputies on patrol.

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