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CONSIDER THIS: Defending the people who protect us

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Over the past few years the men and women in law enforcement have gotten quite a bit of scrutiny because of the actions of a few of their fellow officers. We know that the majority of the people who choose to protect and serve are committed to that motto, but the actions of a few, unfortunately, have tainted the view of the whole.

Consider This:

Because of the loudness of the negative comments many people are less likely to speak out in support of the thousands of police officers who are honorably committed to a higher calling. The killing of two young Hattiesburg officers is a reminder of the danger these men and women face each day.

It's time to speak out and say Thank You to the police officers who are doing the right thing, the ones who are color blind in their policing, who are living the motto to protect and serve. Continue to police in a respectful, humble way and you will receive much respect in return.

Although most of the time your service goes unappreciated, know today that what you do is appreciated. Thank you for making our communities safer places to live.

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