Detention officer arrested - - Jackson, MS

Detention officer arrested

Lenora Everett   Source: HCSD Lenora Everett Source: HCSD

While conducting a routine search of employees entering into the Raymond Detention Center, deputies discovered one detention officer was breaking the law.

It was discovered through a technical search followed by a physical pat-down search, that Detention Officer Leora Everett reported for duty with contraband in her possession.

Upon discovery, Everett was immediately arrested and charged with introducing contraband into a correctional facility.

"If we expect our inmates to comply with the rules and regulations while being housed in our facilities, then we certainly hold all of our employees to a higher standard," said Tyrone Lewis, Sheriff of Hinds County. "We will continue to be diligent and aggressive in our efforts to rid our facilities as well as the entire county of criminal activity and behavior."

Everett had been employed at the Raymond Detention Center since November 2014.

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