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Veteran hunts on All-terrain wheelchair

Michael Fox's new ride comes with plenty of power and a joystick, but this is more than just a way to get around for the retired Marine corporal.

"It got me out, and it changed my life," said Cpl. Fox,

It's not your average electric wheelchair. In fact, it's an action track-chair armed with a gun rack and a fishing pole holder. It will give Fox access to something that kept him going after he lost his legs four years ago while serving in Afghanistan. 

"Therapy hunts, fishing trips, that was actually one of the first things that I did after I was injured and it really, really opened up my eyes to see what I can still do and not what I was limited to," said Fox.

Fox can walk pretty easily on his prosthetic legs but on his property in Rockwall County, Texas.

"Uneven terrain, slippery slopes, rocks, mud. It all presents a huge problem, just on my property," said Fox." I can walk though the mud, but it tries to pull my sockets off my legs."

Making his outdoor life easier is Freedom Alliance, a charity that supports wounded troops.

"Being on a lake fishing, being in the woods hunting, for this generation of veterans, that is to them what the VFW halls were to previous generations of veterans," said Tom Kilgannon, Freedom Alliance president.

Fox is the sixth veteran to receive a custom made track-chair with six to eight more set to be donated this year.

"I know what this is going to do for me, and I can appreciate what it's going to do for other veterans as well," Cpl. Fox said. 

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