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Powdered, pure caffeine is potentially deadly


Six US senators are urging the Food and Drug Administration to immediately ban the retail sale and marketing of pure powdered caffeine. 

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and five others are urging the ban due to the risk to consumers and in response to the case of Logan Stiner.

Stiner was a high school senior from Ohio who died three days before graduation last year after accidentally ingesting too much caffeine powder. The FDA issued a warning following Stiner's death, advising people not to use powdered caffeine.

Since it's marketed as a dietary supplement, it is not regulated by the FDA, meaning the FDA does not have authority to pull it from shelves, but the FDA as been building a legal case to dissuade companies from selling it. 

Some major retailers have stopped selling it, but it's still sold in other stores and is widely available online. 

According to the FDA, a single teaspoon of pure caffeine is roughly equivalent to 25 cups of coffee. That's more than six times the recommended daily amount of caffeine for an adult.

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