Classes cancelled after gun spotted at Delta Technical College - - Jackson, MS

Classes cancelled after gun spotted at Delta Technical College


The dust has settled at Delta Technical College in Ridgeland after a big scare there on Friday morning.

Students were shuffled into holding rooms after reports that there was a man inside the building with a gun.

Students tell us they didn't know what to think when instructors at Delta Technical College told them to move away from the windows and then escorted them into a computer room and turned off the lights. 

"There was just a bunch of commotion," one student tells us. "They were saying he was in the building, they were saying one guy, two guys."

They watched as a heavy blanket of law enforcement swarmed the building with weapons.

Ridgeland Police say they got the call around 11:30.

A Ridgeland police officer tells us they got a report of a male with some type of weapon in the building. 

He says "[We] located him in a vehicle, hiding in a vehicle outside, he was taken into custody. We have three weapons in our possessions, they are all pellet rifles, a pellet rifle and two pistols."

Police say the suspect is a juvenile. He arrived on campus in a Nissan Altima. We're told that someone else was driving the car but is not believed to be involved. 

"I was told he was a student. The one in handcuffs I had seen him before," a student says.

No one was hurt.

Neither students nor police understand the motive.

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