Consider This: A Political Year - - Jackson, MS

Consider This: A Political Year

Here we go… we are having elections this year for all of our state offices so get ready for an interesting few months.

Consider This:

The opinions and positions of politicians seem to change like the wind as election season approaches, poll results come-in or a major campaign contribution is pending. In fact, it's already happening.

What were once strong opinions are changing overnight. Watch closely and you'll see more flip-flopping in the coming months. Unfortunately, in today's political world you never truly know where a candidate truly stands or how long they'll hold a belief. And with the divide so intense there is little compromise for the greater good.

Our political system is broken… in D.C., at the state and local level. Hopefully this is just part of the cycle and we will move back towards a model where our elected representatives actually serve to represent all of us.

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