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City of Brandon hires new ambulance service

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BRANDON, MS (WLBT) - Last Fall, the City of Brandon ran some numbers on ambulance response times within city limits. 

In a year's time, they said there were 1,224 responses by AMR. 655 of those responses were under 10 minutes. But the rest were over ten minutes, the City said. And in four cases, response time took longer than 50 minutes. 

AMR disputed those response time claims. 

Nonetheless, the City decided to take bids for its own ambulance service, and now it has entered into contract with one. 

"We chose Pafford EMS to come in to perform ambulance services within the City of Brandon," Mayor Butch Lee says. "I have had other mayors contact me, wanting to speak to this provider because they may be going down the same route." 

Right now, Brandon doesn't have a single ambulance of its own. But beginning in February, six ambulances will find their home at the city's fire stations. Two of the vehicles will be back-up. 

The city is building three more fire stations as well, to further reduce emergency response times. 

People we talked to say it's a good move. 

"We have two young children. One was in the hospital and didn't have to have an ambulance, but it's reassuring to think that if that were to happen we would have that service quickly," says Amanda Weissinger. 

I think it's great, we need it. I think it will be a big plus for the community," Dorothy Dillon tells us. 

The goal is to cut ambulance time down to 10 minutes maximum,and to have ambulances in Brandon 24 hours a day. 

Mayor Lee says the move is revenue-neutral, and individuals' insurance policies will cover the costs. 

Currently, AMR ambulances service the city as part of the company's contract with Rankin County. The City is simply stepping out of that option. 

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