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Fawn rescued from Lakeland Drive dies

Good Samaritans on Lakeland Drive come to the rescue of an injured fawn who was hit by a car. 

Lynn Broomfield stopped to aid the injured deer in hopes of saving it's life.

She says, "It was looking around like 'I want to go, I want to go'. And it was going to run right in to the street."

As more drivers stopped to see what the big commotion was, Broomfield and another Good Samaritan put a blanket over the fawn's face in hopes of keeping her out of distress.

One of the Good Samaritans went up the street to the MSU vet clinic to get help.

Then Mississippi Wildlife officials showed up on the scene to help.

A vet from MSU tied her legs to put help put her in a crate. She was put in a crate, safe, and away from traffic. 

MWFP and an MSU vet carried her away and will now see how bad she's hurt. MWFP rep says depending on injuries she could be released back in the wild.

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